English Oak Seedling
English Oak Seedling
English Oak Seedling

English Oak Seedling

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Quercus robur. The mighty oak stands 30+ meters tall and embodies morale, strength and wisdom. Nuts are large (2.3-3cm long) and lower in tannins than red oaks, which make them more rewarding to go to the work of cracking and leaching the tannins to use them as a flour/food source. The wood is popular in barrel and cask making thanks to its elastic yet durable strength, and resistance to rot. Very long-lived trees, these majestic beauties can grow up to the ripe old age of 450 years old.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 4

Recommended Use: baking, cooking

Ripens: mid-late September

Pollination: self-pollinator

Height not including roots: 20-25cm