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Plum & Apricot Rootstock

Plum & Apricot Rootstock

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While we have young stool beds growing, in the meantime we import rootstock from Oregon. Aside from the headache (paperwork) of importing and distance, we are very happy with our suppliers quality, and are happy to offer small scale and backyard operations with rootstock. Every August, we prepare a rootstock order for the following spring, and our order comes up on the pool truck with all the other Ontario orders. Because of this, we aren't able to guarantee ship dates with rootstock orders, as we are at the mercy of the nursery and pool truck; the shipment typically comes in March-April.

If you require more than 1000 rootstocks, we recommend importing yourself.

We offer Myrobalan - Full Size rootstock!

  • History: Myrobalan rootstock comes from seedlings of Prunus cerasifera (aka cherry or myrobalan plums) which are native to parts of Europe and Asia. 
  • Why We Use It: Myrobalan is our go-to rootstock for apricots and plums. It is adaptable and hardy, vigorous, and anchors quite well in the soil, although staking in the first few years is still recommended. In addition to these great traits, it is also resistant to several pests and diseases.
  • Growth Habits: Full size, reaches 16-20ft, hardy and vigorous, adaptable to many soils, shallow but well-anchored root system, suckers
  • Disease Resistance: Resistant to crown gall and root knot nematode and crown rot but susceptible to oak root fungus
  • Graft Compatibility: Plums, apricots (with some exceptions), and almonds
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