Changing or Cancelling your Order

Changing Your Order Once it is Confirmed

To change your order, please email sales@silvercreeknursery with your request. Based on inventory we will try to adjust as possible, but if we have already begun processing/picking you order (which we do as early as December), there is a $25 restocking fee for any item removed from the order. Additionally, if a refund is due from removing items and you have paid via credit card or Paypal, a 5% fee is applicable to the difference, to cover the associated fees.

Cancelling Your Order 

To cancel you order, phone or email us. If your order has not been processed (in February we begin processing orders) and has not been paid, we can simply cancel the order.

If you have paid via credit card or PayPal and we have not begun processing your order, a 5% fee will be applied to cover the transaction fees on our end, but the remainder of the order will be refunded and the order cancelled.

If you paid via e-transfer, cheque, or cash, and we have not begun processing the order, we will refund the order fully and cancel it.

If we have begun processing the order and you wish to cancel, a $25 restocking fee will be applied along with the credit card fee if applicable.