Why hasn't my tree leafed out yet?

Why hasn’t my tree leafed out yet?

Some varieties naturally take longer to leaf out than others, and environmental conditions can have an impact. Remember, the tree just went through a stressful move and is adapting to its new home!

Due to the high populations of Gypsy Moths in the recent years, it's good to inspect for them as well as they can defoliate young trees instantly, making it appear not to have leafed out. We inspect each tree before it is sent out as well as the packaging material (bag/box/sawdust), and follow the CFIA guidelines for controlling the moth; because of this, we are confident we are not spreading the critters around. Be aware they are considered to have infiltrated virtually all of Canada, and you likely have them on your site weather you think you do or not. For further information on controlling this pest, see HERE.

However, If there are no small fuzzy black caterpillars on your tree, we recommend waiting at least 45 days for your tree to begin leafing out. If you are concerned that your tree is dead, you can check if it is alive by following the steps HERE. Let us know right away if it is dead, but if it is alive continue to monitor the situation and keep us updated! We can offer compensation for an unhealthy tree, but some varieties (eg. Stokes Red apple, peaches) just start growing a little slower than others, and it might be late May/early June before they break dormancy.