How do I set up a pre-order for Fall and/or Spring?

We specialize in bareroot trees! This means our main sale season is spring, specifically late March to late May (we typically shut down cold storage on/around May 24th). By the end of May, plants should be in the ground to ensure a full, healthful growing season. However, the earlier you plant the better (a little snow is no problem for dormant plants): the more spring rain your trees receive, the less watering you will have to do later in summer!

We do have a small sale season in fall for apples and pears only, since some other species are a little more tender and do better with a season of growth to establish roots before they overwinter.

We are happy to start accepting preorders for either season as early as August or September depending on when we complete our initial field counts! Fall sales may last until mid-October but may end early depending on demand since we have a narrow window to send orders out and want to avoid accepting more orders than we can process in that time. We will accept spring orders until the May 24 weekend.


Feel free to place a pre-order through our website! The inventory listed online is what we expect to have available for the upcoming sales season. You can browse our product pages or search for specific varieties, add them to your cart, and follow the checkout page to complete your order! While going through checkout, make sure you select whether you would like to pick-up your order or have it shipped to you. 

You are also welcome to call or send us an email and we can set up an order for you on our end. Just let us know what varieties you are interested in and how many of each.

      Some general things to keep in mind:

      • We will be grading our plants after they are dug so all trees will be sold as 1m+ Whips and all berries and seedlings as 1 Year Bareroot plants. If you would prefer a different grade, let us know and we will make note of that on your order. Once we know the grades of our plants, we will adjust your order accordingly.

      • We tend to be conservative with our inventory counts so some items that are unavailable on the website now may be available in November once everything is dug/received and graded. 

      Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about the pre-order process or are experiencing any difficulties!