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How we ship bareroot trees across Canada

Every spring we ship thousands of trees across Canada, and there is usually a smaller shipping season in the fall too, weather permitting. Shipping live plants is not without challenges. We do our best to ensure the trees are packaged for success: the roots are bundled in damp sawdust, bagged, then boxed, limbs carefully tucked in. We ship on Mondays, and sometimes Tuesdays, to ensure the trees have as long as possible to reach their destination before the weekend, so they don't get stuck in a post office. Upon receiving mail order plants, open immediately, check the sawdust is still damp around the roots, and then store in a cool dark location until you plant. Preferably, plant them the same day they arrive but they can be stored for a few days.

Shipping Fees
We ship as timely and economically as possible, and as orders are typically placed months before actually shipping, fees sometimes need to be adjusted. Shipping fees may increase or decrease due to the size of the plants, a change in address, or cost inflations. As such, fees may be adjusted, and occasionally we either provide a refund or request more funds to cover the adjustment.

Potted Plants
We do not ship retail orders of potted plants.

Bareroot Plants
While we take orders all year-round, spring orders are only shipped in April and May when the weather conditions are suitable for transplanting bare root plants. Shipping is limited to within Canada, except BC.

Fall shipping is available for apple and pear trees. However, plants shipped in the fall come with no over-wintering guarantee.

CFIA Inspection
A $15 flat fee will be added to orders shipped to AB and SK to cover the cost of CFIA inspections required for these destinations. These inspections are conducted to ensure there is no risk of certain pests or diseases being spread to other parts of the country.

Use of Canada Post vs. Courier
We will use a courier, typically FedEx, to ship the trees to your door. Although a bit more expensive, we find that FedEx is generally faster which is beneficial for the health of your plants in transit.

Some addresses, especially in very rural areas, may necessitate the use of Canada Post. If you prefer Canada Post in general, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Damaged Shipment
If your shipment arrives in damaged condition, please accept the delivery regardless of the condition. The nursery stock inside may still be fine. Rejecting the shipment means that the nursery stock goes back to us...and we get billed twice. Trust us, being in transit just once can be stressful enough for the plants, but returning to us in a damaged box means almost certain further damage and the plants are then unfit to send out for a third journey.

Once you have accepted the damage shipment, immediately send us some pictures and we will make it right with you directly. Please do not involve the shipper. 

Lost Shipment
If your order gets lost in delivery or fails to arrive, let us know and we will get in touch with the shipper for you. We will do our best to either resolve the issue or provide appropriate compensation.

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