What are plant hardiness zones?

Plant hardiness zones are a useful tool for estimating what plants can grow in a given area. In Canada, plant hardiness zones are divided from 0 (coldest) to 8 (mildest), so the lower the number the colder the area. Find your hardiness zone HERE or do a quick online search with the keywords '[your municipality] plant hardiness zone.' 

In each plant's description we include the minimum plant hardiness zone that it can grow in. A plant will grow in an area that is up to three zones warmer (but may become mealy/not ripen properly) but cannot grow in a colder zone unless it is given special care. 

It is also important to note that microclimate can affect the zones on a specific property! Two properties listed as being in the same zone may not be able to grow the exact same plants if one is more exposed to harsh winter conditions while the other is sheltered, for example. Keep your property and geographic features like elevation, hills, and proximity to bodies of water in mind when selecting plants.