Collection: Nut Trees, Natives & Nitrogen fixing Plants

These plants are grown from local nuts, seeds and cuttings; i.e. not grafted, to preserve their hardiness and 'wild' appeal. Food can be grown anywhere, and while there is merit to grafted stock, nature should be appreciated in it's spontaneity and terroir. This collection is to be a celebration of the under-rated, weird and wonderful plants that grow around us but are often overlooked when comparing with the almighty grocery store supply chain. Enrich your orchard (and gut!) with some of these forgotten foods!

While nearly all of these plants are food-bearing, there are a few in here that are poisonous (namely Golden Chain, Wisteria and parts of the Honey Locust), so be sure to always correctly identify a plant before tasting. 

Nut Trees, Natives & Nitrogen fixing Plants