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Boreal Beauty Haskap

Boreal Beauty Haskap

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Species: Lonicera caerulea

History: Boreal Beauty haskap is part of the Boreal series of haskaps developed by Bob Bors at the University of Saskatchewan. The goal of the Boreal series is to cross haskaps from Russia, Japan, and the Kuril Islands to create superior cultivars with the best qualities of all three strains. Boreal Beauty was released in early 2017, chosen for its large size, firmness, and good flavour. Its name, a reference to Beauty and the Beast, is a handy way to remember that Boreal Beast is the recommended for pollination partner for this variety!

Why We Grow It: Boreal Beauty sports large berries that are more oval-shaped and firm than other haskaps while maintaining with good flavour. This variety could show promise for mechanical harvesting. It is also quite vigorous and produces heavy crops. 

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 2

Soil Preference: Prefers average conditions and well-drained soil but is adaptable to anything except clay

Growth Habits and Disease Resistance: Shrub reaches about 2m tall, highly vigorous with an upright growth habit, produces heavy crops. Resistant to powdery mildew.

Sun/Shade: Full sun (approx. 8-10 hours of sun daily)

Pollination: Requires a pollinator of a different haskap variety to produce fruit. Preferred pollinator for Boreal Beast.

Flowering Time: Late

Bloom Colour: Greenish-white

Ripens: Early to mid July, let it sit out a few days to ripen further for optimal sweetness

Storage: Keeps about a week when stored in the fridge

Recommended Use: Fresh eating, juice, jelly

Height Above Soil Line: 30cm+

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