Dwarf Mulberry Tree
Dwarf Mulberry Tree

Dwarf Mulberry Tree

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Morus nigra. Soft and sweet, with a hint of musk, these purple-black mulberries preform well potted, making them ideal for gardeners with space constrictions. They make a lovely winter houseplant/summer patio plant kept at 4 feet for optimal fruiting, and cycle in and out of bearing fruit for up to 10-12 week periods or longer, if kept suitably warm. Grown outdoors, they will grow into a 6+ foot bush, and the branches may be used in basketry. Pruning should be done while the tree still growing to form the frame of branches for next years blossom buds.

The second photo shows the berries in different stages of ripeness.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 5b

Recommended Use: fresh eating, juice, cooking, baking, basketry

Ripens: late June to early August

Pollination: Self-pollinating

Size including pot: 90-120 cm one-year whip

Potted trees are available for pick up at the nursery only.