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Geneva Hardy Kiwi (Female)

Geneva Hardy Kiwi (Female)

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Species: Actinidia arguta

History: Geneva hardy kiwi was discovered growing in the Dr. Slate collection near the Cornell Experimental Station in Geneva, New York. It is named after the city of Geneva. 

Why We Grow It: This variety produces medium-sized fruit with smooth skin so you can eat the whole kiwi! The delicious, honey-scented fruit can be enjoyed out of hand like grapes or made into preserves. You can also use it make a delicious and nutritious popsicle by pureeing it with some applesauce (or your favourite fruit) and a dab of honey, pouring into molds, and freezing it. This vigorous vine can reach up for 40' long, so be prepared to prune, or trellis up to 100lb of fruit per season. 

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 5

Soil Preference: Prefers well-drained soil, and average to moist conditions. Does not tolerate wet conditions, but is drought tolerant.

Growth Habits and Disease Resistance: Vine, vigorous and hardy, can reach up to 40ft long, produces heavy crops. Disease resistant.

Sun/Shade: Full Sun or Partial Shade (approx. 6-10 hours of sun daily)

Pollination: Requires a male pollination partner like Meader to produce fruit

Bloom Colour: White

Ripens: Early September, before Issai

Recommended Use: Fresh eating, juice, cooking, baking

Storage: Keeps up to two months in the fridge if picked before ripe

Size including roots: 20-40cm 1 year plant

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