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Black Swallow Living Soils

Terra Biosa

Terra Biosa

Terra Biosa is a dynamic, microbial soil inoculant. It is categorized as a Biological Compost Aid for the cultivation and stimulation of soil productivity and plant health. This all-natural and organic product is useful in orchards, vineyards, gardens, and compost by providing the following benefits:

  • Stimulates plants metabolism
  • Enhances yield as well as quality of fruit and produce
  • Improves resistance to fungal infestations
  • Improves soil quality by restoring micro-organisms in the soil

We use this in our orchard for all trees (both in our experimental orchard and nursery stock) as the effective microbe component of our holistic spray system. You can download the holistic spray recipe here.

Recommended Application Rates:

Soil: Mix 1 tsp of Terra Biosa per 40 sq. ft. (4 m2) in your water and apply while irrigating. Apply every two weeks for best result.

Foliar care and feeding: Mix 1 tsp. of Terra Biosa per 1L of fresh (preferably structured) water and apply using a spray bottle. Remember to mist leaves on both sides.

Orchard Supply Pick-Up and Shipping


Orchard supplies can be picked up at the nursery anytime during store hours.

If you have placed an order for orchard supplies when we do not have general hours or would like to pick-up outside of regular hours, call or email us and we are happy to arrange something with you.


Orchard supplies can be shipped all over Canada and, upon request, to the US. Unlike bareroot plants, we ship orchard supplies anytime of the year.

If the shipping fees do not seem accurate at checkout, let us know and we can double check the estimate for you.

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