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Grafting Knife

Grafting Knife

 A good grafting knife is an essential tool for anyone interested in grafting. They are quite sharp so they can cleanly slice through scionwood and rootstock, and have a single bevel which is preferred for grafting. 

We offer the following options:

Victorinox Grafting Knife (Right-Handed) - Made of stainless steel, this grafting knife is a good quality, economical, lightweight knife for beginners and casual users. Available in red or green. 

Victorinox Grafting and Budding Knife (Right-Handed) - This stainless steel knife is designed for grafting and budding. It features a flat-tipped stainless steel blade with a bark lifter. 

Tina 641/10L Grafting and Budding Knife (Left-Handed) - Made of carbon steel and featuring a polished walnut handle, this is a high quality knife designed for both grafting and budding. Tina knives are known for requiring less sharpening than other brands. 

We apologize for the price difference between the right-handed and left-handed knives. We normally carry Victorinox knives since they are more economical, but it is difficult to acquire their left-handed knives. In order to provide a left-handed option, we have gone with the Tina grafting knife which is higher quality and therefore more costly. 

If you want this item(s) shipped to you and the shipping fees don't seem right, please contact us directly and we'll get a proper rate for you!

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