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Lord Sea Buckthorn (Male)

Lord Sea Buckthorn (Male)

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A vigorous and strong pollinator, Lord has silvery green leaves which may be used as animal fodder- rather than discarding prunings from the plant, try feeding them to birds, or better yet, let some chickens keep the base of the bush clean and sucker-free by purposefully pasturing them through your plants. Sea Buckthorn have nodules on their roots which help fix nitrogen into the ground, and are a common plant in permaculture orchards for this natural 'fertilizer' effect on plants in their vicinity.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 3

Recommended Use: pollinator for female plants

Ripens: n/a

Pollination: 1 male pollinates 5-7 females via wind

Size including roots: 1 year old plant in 3.5" plug

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