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Autumn Olive
Autumn Olive

Autumn Olive

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Species: Elaeagnus umbellata

History: Autumn Olive (aka Japanese Silverberry) is native to parts of Asia and was introduced to the US as an ornamental plant, erosion control, and wildlife habitat in the early 1800s. Its nitrogen-fixing properties and prolific seed production has caused it to become an invasive species in some parts of the US and Canada, so caution is recommended when planting it so it doesn't spread. 

Why We Grow It: Despite its bad reputation, this shrub has many beneficial uses. The small red sweet/tart berries are good for fresh eating and making into jams and condiments while the nitrogen-fixing properties of the shrub make it a useful companion plant in orchards and agroforestry systems and for rebuilding the soil.  

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 5

Soil Preference: Loam, adaptable to different soils

Growth Habits: Reaches 10-12ft tall on average, dense crown, thorns

Sun/Shade: Partial shade (approx. 6-8 hours of sun daily)

Flowering Time: May to June

Bloom Colour: Pale yellowish-white

Ripens: Mid to Late September

Recommended Use: Fresh eating, jam

Height above soil line: 30-45cm

Nature's Bounty Sale: we had ample seed this year and good germination; due to economy of scale, we can offer 50 pack bundles at 50% off retail value. This cannot be combined with any other deal, and we would appreciate payment by e-transfer or cheque to avoid credit card fees.

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